Transportation Poland-Norway

All-year round forwarding on the route Poland - Norway

We specialize in forwarding services between Poland and Norway operating throughout the whole year.

All-year round forwarding on the route Poland - Norway

Our trucks

Our fleet consists of 9 trucks with semi-trailers manufactured by leading European brands, such as VOLVO and SCANIA. Naturally, the trucks comply with European standards regulating exhaust purity (EURO5, EURO6).

Each truck is equipped in dedicated satellite navigation systems, phone and cargo handling devices, including safety protection means (helmet, protective footwear, goggles, protective vest).

In the winter period, that is from fall to spring, each truck uses winter/ snow tires and is additionally equipped in homologated snow chains (required under traffic regulations in Norway and during transit in Sweden).

snow chains

Semi-trailers used by the company are curtain side trailers, sometimes called tarpaulin trailers, 13.6 m long and 2.78 m high – the so-called ‘curtains’ (33 pallet places), with sliding roofs which enable loading from the top side. They are equipped in minimum 12 cargo-securing belts, protective corners, anti-slippery mats and chains for securing the freight.


Our drivers

We are sticklers for professionalism, so our drivers are carefully selected, have long-time experience in forwarding freight in Norway, are well-acquainted with custom procedures and enjoy an impeccable reputation. Their duty is to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and intact.

We offer the following transportation and forwarding services:

Rate are calculated on an individual basis and include road tolls, bridge and tunnel tolls, ferry charges etc.

*Please keep in mind that the rates are applicable on the day of the quote and are subject to exchange rate changes (average EURO exchange rate quoted by the National Bank of Poland) and fixed charges (such as road tolls, petrol fees and others). The forwarding rates are also influenced by such factors as frequency of placing orders, type of cargo, cargo’s weight etc.

Our trucks

Orders may be placed in the following categories:

  • only export

  • only import

  • forwarding to and fro.

Let us mention that our numerous contacts in the transportation and forwarding sector, both Polish and international, will facilitate the task of meeting your requirements and provide you with top-quality forwarding services.

Please feel welcome to contact us at your convenience. Let us know the route, the kind of cargo and scheduled frequency – on the base of which we shall be able to provide you with a binding quote.

Feel free to contact me any time by phone or email.

Yours faithfully, Transport and Logistics Director, Jarosław (Jeremy) Ciepłowski


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